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Форум за Незалежнасьць яднае аматараў і экспэртаў у справе выпрацоўкі канцэпцыі беларускай дзяржаўнасьці й незалежнасьці. Форум мадэруе Інстытут Дзяржаўнасьці й Дэмакратыі.

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Excavator Sales Continues to Increase in 2017

Excavator sales volume continues to increase in January 2017, following the increasing trend of 2016. It is reported that China digger sales increases by 50% in January 2017, and Sany digger sales increases by 70%. In December 2016, China digger sales increase 75%, 15% exceeding the expectation. In the whole year of 2016, the industry sold 70320 units of digger, 11354 units more than 2015, which shows the symbol that the industry turns up from the downturn. Sany Heavy Industry, the leading construction machinery manufacturer, ranked No.1 in digger sales in 2016 and was the only enterprise that sold more than 10,000 units of excavator in China.

In the year of 2016, Sany exports 2823 units of diggers, ranking No.1 in the industry. The reasons that Sany achieving such achievement lie in product structure adjustment and technology upgrade. The advanced technology plays an important role in Sany product manufacturing and development, which reaches world-class level. There are some reasons that make the whole digger industry rising.

With the demand for house building increasing, the need for digger excavator increases too. The new model replacing the old one is also one reason for the sales volume increasing. Generally, the service life for the construction machines is 8-10 years, so the machine bought in the year of 2008 and 2009 reached the time to be replaced. According to the market investigation, most of the used diggers have been running more than 10,000 hours, also should be updated. And some major infrastructure constructions like railway construction, city traffic construction, airport construction and new energy development increase the demand for the digging machines and promote the whole industry develop rapidly.



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