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Cement Kiln Collaborative Disposal of Solid Waste Advantages

Cement kiln collaborative disposal of solid waste has been put forward for several years. The level of domestic cement kiln for collaborative disposal is still quite backward. Compared with the traditional ways of garbage disposing, the collaborative disposal of cement kiln has obvious advantages. For now, mongolia copper mining plant the collaborative disposal of cement kiln mainly covers three categories: municipal solid waste, municipal sludge and hazardous waste.
With respect to the conventional waste disposing ways such as incineration, cement kiln collaborative disposal of solid waste and waste incineration both are to deal with the garbage through burning. But the temperature of garbage incinerator is only 800 or 900 ℃. The temperature is relatively low and easy to generate dioxin. While for cement kiln, it will reach to 1450 ℃ theoretically when melting materials. And the gas generated can reach to 1700 ℃. Under the high temperature, municipal refuse and hazardous waste and etc. all will be decomposed and it is uneasy to produce dioxins. In addition to that the cement rotary kiln is a alkaline environment, brazil iron ore crushing line  it's able to absorb a lot of gases effectively, thus the emissions of harmful gases are greatly reduced.
Now many cement enterprises are disposing all kinds of industrial waste residues, such as ore slag, steel slag, the fly ash in thermal power plants and so on. The industrial solid waste treated by cement enterprises accounts for roughly half of the total amount. If there are no cement enterprises, the accumulation of industrial solid waste will be unimaginable. The cement industry has made an important attempt for urban environment management. Cement kiln collaborative disposal of solid waste is bound to become increasingly essential in the future urban development.



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